SoundSpeaks aims to provide a platform to budding musicians across the country. For SoundSpeaks, music runs deep and has no genre or tempo boundaries. Our vision is to establish a creative community of passionate and driven musicians and help provide a platform to showcase their talent. The main aim is to find musicians from the grassroots of India and mixing their sounds with new modernage electronic music, which will give local musicians a chance to be heard.

Nestled in the heart of Cannaught Pace, New Delhi, SoundSpeaks provides a number of services including but not restricted to

Audio pre/post production
Sound design
Jam pad
Corporate jingles
Live sound
Artists/event management
Team building workshops

People Involved

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  • Yashita Tripathi

    +91 96 43 117770

    Founder, Director

    All over India, there are talented artists who are doing the best they can to branch out but cant because of different reasons such as money, no required instruments, no contacts or their music is not commercial enough so soundspeaks is trying to be more than just a recording studio or a jam pad. since I could remember I wanted to work around music, and basically make a community of musicians who can work together and come up with new sounds , and bringing music to a new level. So after completing my Business Management degree from cambridge , I interned with NDTV goodtimes in the music department for 3 months and decided to do a 1 year course in audio engineering from SAE Singapore and started working on ‘soundspeaks’. music is the sound that can be heard by the universe. Music doesn't need to have a language, and it can bring people from all around the globe together and dance and sing and basically just be together, at least for a while, and this has always fascinated me and still does.

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  • Sahil Dhingra


    Audio engineer and bassist/back up vocals of The lyer project

    Limits, boundaries and specifications are not the words that come to mind when we speak of our sound engineer Sahil. From folk, to metal and background scores to jam sessions, you can always expect and ask for opinions and ideas popping out from the back of his head. Music is his weapon of choice when he plays/composes and records to save the day. Not many people know about his affinity towards metal but that never stopped him from making people groove on folk. Like our space, the number of things he can do with a sound wave are also infinite.

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  • Aryaman Agarwal

    Producer, Engineer

    Aryaman’s current projects and expertise, focus on Experimental and Soundscape based Techno and Psychedelic music. However, he started his journey into music about 10 years ago, when he picked up drumming and was heavily influenced by the many decades of Funk, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Metal (the list is endless, really)… After playing the drums for 9 years, he started understanding music more in terms of the physics of sound, how synthesizers work and how sound affects the human body and mind.

    He briefly went to schools like ‘The Sound Foundations’ and ‘ILM’ to learn basics in Electronic music and Audio Engineering. Aryaman completed his musical training from ‘Pyramind’ in San Francisco, California, where he learned Electronic music and Sound for Film and Games.

    Working with the best in the industry he developed a diverse range of skills as a music producer and an engineer and uses Ableton Live for his first choice for arranging and sound design. He is also ‘Operator Certified’ by Avid in ProTools 11, is ‘User Certified’ by Apple in Logic Pro X and has worked on middleware softwares for Game design, such as Unity and FMOD.

    Currently he has two music projects:

    Book Of Thoth - Experimental Psychedelic Techno

    Yark Mandala - Techno/Experimental/Psychedelic

    Aryaman is extremely motivated by new technologies and is always looking for new ways to improve and manipulate sound to do weird, unique and interesting things. He is a total gear-slut and loves playing with synthesizers, as well as making them using Reaktor or Max for Live.

Our Clients

SoundSpeaks aims to provide a platform to budding musicians across the country. For SoundSpeaks, music runs deep and has no genre or tempo boundaries. Our vision is to establish a creative community of passionate and driven musicians and help provide a platform to

Independent musicians who are not signed by record labels, singer/songwriters who are looking for ways of recording their music. We also do Electronic music projects, and scoring for films as well.


Associations with special organizations such as

Manzil NGO
They have few bands formed by underprivileged kids who started learning music with Manzil when it was instituted. Please find below the link to manzil's website which will help you know more about their work:
Few kids who had inclination towards music have even a band now and we are planning do a show with them.

BJP ( All the audio bites for the central election campaign )

I discoveri ( composing of all the new educational rhymes for the 2014 session )

AIR FM Rainbow (Born To Be Remembered)

All the recordings and mixing and mastering for the show that got nominated for the Best Radio show in the INTERNATIONAL RADIO AWARDS SHOW IN CUBA 2013.

Women empowerment voice overs (OMLogic Consulting Pvt. Ltd.)

IIT Kanpur Antarangni sponsors

Voice over for new Honda Dream Series click here


Studio space comprises of :

Big and comfort studio room, which is convenient for 7 - 9 people at the same time
Large lounge space, which is convenient for 12 – 15 people to hangout and let the creative juices flow
Full band rehearsal room
Nice Zen-fountain ))
Life easy making staff that supports all the whims and fancies of a musician
Mind stimulating environment
The best studio and jam room equipment in Delhi
A shower and kitchen to keep the body and mind clean and healthy

Our engineers have many years of successful experience in the field of production - services (over 10 years). Have their own musical projects and a lot of respect in the professional circles. We work with fashionable and outstanding representatives of the music scene, and have a great list of popular projects, collaborating with our studio.


Tama Imperial Star IM52KH6
Zildjian ZXT Pro Pack with Bonus Cymbal
Mustang IV, 150-watt open-back combo with two 12” Celestion®
Tech 21 Power Engine
Laney RB4
Yamaha MG124CX
12ch Mixer, 4 bus with DSP
Behringer guitar amp
Charges = Rs.300 per hour

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Recording Room

MOTU 896MK3-HYBRID FireWire/USB 2.0 Audio Interface with 8 Mic Pres, Effects, Mixing
Solid State Logic Alpha - VHD 4 mic preamp 4 channel
Big Knob (studio command system)
Studio Monitors - Mackie MR8mk2
Condenser microphone - Neumann TLM 102
MIDI controller - M audio Oxygen
Audio Technica Drum Mic Kit


1 Audio Technica ATH M50’s
1 sennheiser HD 380
Charges = Its a customized job really and we have everything under the sun as recording and studio services, so please give us a call we would be happy to quote accordingly.

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  • Ableton live course ( for beginners) / Electronic music production

    • Module-1

      The module starts with a complete understanding of the interface of ableton live, its advantages , what are audio and midi tracks, knowing the library , how the arrange view and the session view can be combined to take production onto the next level. and optimizing settings for best performance.

      • Intro
      • Knowing the interfance
      • Perfect settings for best performance
      • Session view/arrange view
      • Know the library well
      • A look into audio and midi tracks
    • Module-2

      learn how to record audio from external source like mic/guitar, triggering them using the session view and manipulating using warp functions.

      • Recording external instrument
      • launching audio clips in session view
      • Warping audio clips and manipulating
    • Module-3

      Learn how to programme beats using the impulse and drum rack instruments, it also deals with using one shot samples and layering several other instruments.

      • Using impulse to make beats
      • Using drum racks to make beats
      • Combing various instruments and layering them
    • Module-4

      This module includes everything you need to know have a powerful bassline . using various instruments functions to make bass.

      • A deep dive intto ableton's instrument to make bass
    • Module-5

      Melodies - learn how to make mesmerizing melodies using ableton's instruments and arperggiator techniques to make riffs, chords and leads

      • Using Ableton's instruments to make melodies
      • Playing chords and basic arrangements
      • Leads instruments
    • Module-6

      Complete your song with rises/ SFX , white noise. how to get rises and breakdowns. know which audio effects suits which sound and get to know audio fx library

      • Making custom rises/ using recorded audio to make rises
      • A look into each audio effect and its effective uses
      • Using white noise to make swoosh sounds.
    • Module-7

      This module aims at arranging the whole song for the final mix. also analyse different songs to improve production. it also provides knowledge on automation and how it should be used.

      • Analysing songs for arrangements
      • Using automation
      • Final arrange of your track
    • Module-8

      Learn the compression techniques, learn where its really used and where to not use. the effective usage of sidechain compressions.

      • Compressors
      • Sidechain compression
    • Module-9

      As the track is approaching the finish line, its important to have an equally good mix so that it stands out . Know the secrets of mixing through this module.

      • Mixing your tracks for the final mastering.
      • Eqing
    • Module-10

      We take you to the fundamentals of mastering, and using various methods to get the best result.

      • Know your mix and style
      • Basic mastering.
  • Ableton live pro course for advanced users/ already using ableton live

    This course is designed for eople who are already using ableton live, but want to dig deeper into its advanced features and getting know advances synthesis.

    • Module-1 Synthesis - Part-A

      The First module is divided into 2 parts, the first part deals with introduction to all types of synthesis through ableton live's operator. the 2nd part deals with the application of synthesis in various styles of music and learning to modulate the synthesized sounds.

      Part A includes
      • Subtractive synthesis
      • Additive synthesis
      • Fm synthesis
      • Granular synthesis
      • Combing various types of synthesis
      PART-B includes
      • Application of synthesis in leads, basslines, chordss
      • A deep dive into pitch envelopes, gliding sounds
      • Sounds modulation and LFOs
      • Creating custom patches/sounds
    • Module-2- Basslines

      Know advances features for creating basslines, for eg wobbling basslines, percussive basslines. difference styles of basslines through sampling, and ableton's instruments

      • Ableton's instruments to make basslines
      • Sampling any audio to make bass
      • modulations and envelopes
    • Module-3

      A deep into the beat making aspect and programming beats using drum racks, impulse, sampler,simpler. a look into percussive sounds and synthesized percussions.

      • Impulse
      • Advanced drum rack features
      • Learning to sample any audio clip/loop to make drum sounds
      • Synthesizing percussive sounds
    • Module-4

      Playing/ manipulating with audio. learn how to play around with audio, be it time stretching, or pitch shifting, or getting more complex sounds just with simple audio clips. getting know the slice to midi features.

      • Manipulating Audio using warp functions
      • Stretching audio to make interesting sounds
      • Pitch shift audio
      • Sampling audio and slicing audio to midi
      • Automating session view clips for triggering
    • Module-5

      Midi- Get to know everything related to midi mappings and how to trigger multiple midis with the least amount of knobs. getting to know the macros inside ableton to optimise mapping for best results.

      • Midi mapping with midi controllers
      • Creating macros
      • Key mappings and optmising them
    • Module-6

      Advanced audio effects - we take a look into each audio effect and its uses, creating custom audio effects, chaining them together for interesting and creative results. know how audio effects work to get the best results.

      • Advances audio effects
      • Effective use of sends and return functions
      • Audio racks/ custom audio effects and how to save them
      • Vocoding audio, erosion effects etc
    • Module-7

      Creating custom intrument racks- learn how to create your own instruments and combing them with the audio effect rack to make one big instrument.

      • Create intrument chains to organise libraries of sounds
      • Managing instruments racks and combing with audio effects
    • Module-8

      Midi effects - learnng to use each midi effect and how to programmge midi effects to make melodies, chords, leads and more sounds

      • A look into arpeggiator
      • Chord midi racks
      • Note length midi effect
      • Using the scale midi effect



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